Cooperation in warehousing and production logistics

Cooperation in activities in the area of warehousing and production logistics represents an efficient way of ensuring logistic and manufacturing processes, for which the contractual partner is responsible. The Wellpack service is the most efficient alternative for securing logistics, warehousing and production activities performed by core or agency workers. These activities are performed by our carefully selected and trained employees or entire teams of workers in your facilities.

Warehouses – depositing and storing of goods (retrak, VZV), handling of goods, assembly of orders (NZV), picking goods, labeling, sorting, assembly and packing of goods, work with warehouse management systems (VPS, readers), providing of activities in freezer facilities

Production facilities – installation, assembly, equipment operation, work in demanding conditions, unpopular activities

… Who is the service intended for?

  • for companies whose volume of activity is subject to seasonal fluctuations or manufacturing cycles(shipping peaks, production process spikes)
  • for companies, who need to optimize costs in the area of internal processes and human resources (optimizing number of full-time employees – part of tasks taken over by external service provider)
  • for companies, which already use part time help or agency employees and want to transfer planning of short-term human resources to service providers
  • for companies, which want to pay only for work performed

… advantages of the Wellpack solution

  • proven increases in productivity of operations by switching to task compensation, if the task can be clearly defined
  • optimizing of labor costs, hiring and organization of workers and work safety equipment
  • ability to handle production and shipping spikes – stepped increases of number of workers in the course of 24 hours
  • lowering of costs through limiting of legal work schedule
  • clear and transparent costs
  • guarantee of stability of worker team in the case of long-term cooperation
  • permanent management and operation of the entrusted workplace
  • contractual guarantee and takeover of responsibility for the entrusted division or facility

… process

  • preparation of project script and signature of contract
  • initial selection of appropriate workers for the given activity
  • training under the leadership of WP managers and the client
  • regular operating and management procedures with the WP manager
  • regular monitoring of performance / potential operational replacement of worker
  • regular, flexible increase of number of workers as required by the operation including stepped increases “day to day”
  • monthly reporting – work report – basis for billing

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