Warehousing services and logistics outsourcing

Outsourcing of logistics is the modern method of solving one of the most important aspects of the supplier-customer chain. We’ll take over the operation of your warehouse, or will ensure comprehensive services for you in our multi-client warehouses. Trust our team of professionals with long-term experience and focus your attention on your main business objective.

At our warehouses we offer:

  • services available in the 24 / 7 mode
  • storage in temperature-controlled warehouses
  • professional team of managers and operators to take care of entrusted clients
  • item and pallet receiving and picking of goods
  • checking and sorting of goods
  • coordination and securing of shipments of goods between suppliers and customers of clients
  • freight forwarding to the destination (long-term experience in shipments of goods to retail chains)
  • checking and recording of movement of goods in our own IS, or IS of the client in an online mode
  • administrative support – receiving, processing of orders, document and barcode printing, reporting
  • fulfillment of services on the basis of KPI (key performance indicators) set by the client
  • “door to door” package delivery
  • package shipping service
  • storage and distribution of marketing materials for one-time and repeated use
  • returns processing – sorting, credit issue
  • full logistical support for online shops
    • receiving and processing of orders
    • picking/packing/shipping of goods
    • document printing
  • added value services (packing and assembly of goods, labeling, stickering) in one place, including supply of packing materials
  • Benátky na Jizerou warehouse
  • Location – adjacent to the R10 fast road in the direction of Mladá Boleslav / exit 27, 27 km from Prague
  • Warehouse capacity 8000 pallet places

Sadská warehouse

  • Location – adjacent to the D11 highway, in the direction of Hradec Králové / exit 25, 25 km from Prague
  • Warehouse capacity 4000 pallet places

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