Logistics for online shops

Turnover for Internet-based shops has been growing year on year since 2006 at an average of 22%. In 2010 the number of shoppers in the Czech Republic exceeded the threshold of 5 million.

Part of a well-functioning and successful online shop, next to smart marketing campaigns and good prices, are fast and efficient logistics. Wellpack offers solutions for small and medium sized companies in the form of outsourcing of logistics services. Focus on your products and sales to customers. We’ll take care of the rest. Within the scope of our program for online shops, we offer a complete, comprehensive range of “tailored” services.

  • Pallet as well a itemized receiving of goods from suppliers
  • Depositing goods in our warehouse
  • Warehouse records according to the required parameters, inventorying, reporting
  • Warehousing, records, sending shipments from the customer’s IS, or our IS
  • Receiving and processing of orders
  • Picking – pallet, unit VO, itemized
  • Printing of bills of goods, invoices, shipping documents, shipping labels
  • Insertion of documents, packing as required, labeling with shipping labels
  • Handover of goods to shippers (B2C shipments – Czech Postal Service, B2B shipments – courier services)
    • Online data transfer to the shipper’s system
    • Online shipment monitoring (Tracking&Tracing)
    • Delivery of shipments within the Czech Republic within 24 hours, within 48 – 72 hours in Europe
  • Accompanying services as needed by the customers

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